10 Facts You Should Know about Tui Na, a Chinese Healing Massage Therapy (w/Video)

What do you know about tui na massage? Check out these 10 need to know facts, then watch the video to learn more about this ancient Chinese therapeutic massage modality.

  • Tui na is a type of massage used in China for over 2000 years, and encompasses a variety of body work that falls under the category of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
  • Pronounced “twee naw”, it literally means “pinch and pull”.
  • Along with TCM modalities such as acupuncture, acupressure, fire cupping, and often used in conjunction with herbs, tui na is used to balance the flow of energy (chi) in the body.
  • Tui na bodyworkers brush, knead, shake, grasp, press, and rub specific areas of the body to stimulate the chi and allow it to move more fluidly along meridians.
  • Practitioners will also stimulate acupressure points and use range or motion and traction techniques.
  • Tui na has been called a combination of anma, the Japanese massage practice that shiatsu comes from, and acupressure massage.
  • Tui na is used for trauma, musculoskeletal problems, and pain in the joints or muscles.
  •  Research has shown that tui na is helpful with chronic neck pain.
  • It is also used when acupuncture isn’t an option, such as its use with children and babies (called “Chinese pediatric massage therapy”) and is also considered safe enough to use on the very elderly.
  • Clients remained clothed when receiving tui na massage.

Check out the video to watch tui na in action.


Image courtesy of: Touch Line


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