11 Powerful Truths about Sharing Your Professional Development through Social Media

The power of social media is at an all time high. But with all the talk and frenzy about using social media for marketing, we sometimes forget that social media can and should be used for reasons other than “selling your brand” to make more money.

As you begin to craft your social media image, it’s important to remember that your online presence is a vehicle by which you can engage in shared professional growth with others in the field, as well as a means to exchange information, resources, and the latest research.

The greatest power of the internet is it’s ability to contribute to better world — through the sharing of the best information the human intellect has, and the incredible compassion of the human spirit.

Read more about the power of social media and how you can use it to change the world for the better, as you grow throughout your career. 

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“An incubator provides suitable conditions for growth and change over time. The end of the incubation period is often marked by significant observable events. For example, an egg’s incubation period ends when it hatches and the chick emerges into the world.

It is easy to see how massage school is an incubator, with new graduates emerging to begin interacting in their new role of massage therapist. Just as a chick matures to an adult, massage therapists tend to mature and grow too.

Social media for massage therapists serves as an incubator not only for all kinds of ideas, but also for professional development, and we can all benefit from it.”

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