5 Self-Care Tools Every Massage Therapist Should Own…and Share with their Clients

After a long day of doing massages, you often feel like you are in need of one yourself. 

In case you can’t get an appointment with your favorite therapist, this blog shares some tools you should have in your arsenal for addressing your own trigger points and painful areas. Most of them are small enough to be thrown in your bag and tossed in the car. At the office, you can share them with clients and demonstrate how to use them. They might be handy tools for your patients to use between appointments if necessary.

(Pictured: wooden massager)

Image courtesy of: pakhay2013

In 15 years of doing massage, I have bought and used many massage tools for self care. Of the many I have tried, there are only a few I use consistently and recommend to others.

These are the tools I use to help me after a long day of giving massages and what I recommend to my clients for self massage at home between their appointments.

For years, I have seen how self massage can help decrease pain and maintain the benefits of massage between appointments. My clients who use these tools have a better awareness of where their pain is, what causes it, and often report less pain and tension between appointments.

These simple, safe tools can be used anytime over clothing. They can be kept in your car, travel bag or office desk.

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