5 Vital Steps to Your Best Branding and Social Media Strategies

Can branding and social media marketing be fun? Sure, if you take your time to build a strategy that works with your busy lifestyle and schedule.

No one wants social media taking over their lives, but the fact remains that social media marketing is the wave of the present and foreseeable future for building a base of followers and getting your business brand out there.

But the wonderful thing about the internet is that you’re not doing it all alone: there are a gazillion marketing blogs, gurus, professionals, and experts sharing their best strategies and practices.

This blog is from John Chow and he’s got 5 ideas to help start paving your way to branding success. Take it away, John!

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“Social media is a massive industry and for bloggers, it’s a channel for them to market their content quickly. If you visit any company website, you’ll notice they have profiles on the biggest social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The niche doesn’t matter and it’s vital you have a social marketing channel to promote your business. This is why the growth of these networks has been enormous in recent years.

However, just like SEO when targeting different keywords, writing content, and building links, you have to know what social strategy produces the best results. For example, different types of content will resonate with different people. You have to pay close attention to the format because, depending on the niche, images might perform better then text. Next, what social network is right for your business because you have a handful of options all offering something unique?”

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