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Is Fibromyalgia a Real Thing?

Interestingly there are two camps about Fibromyalgia. One camp thinks that it is a mental health issue with no physical manifestations and, well, the other thinks that it is a real physiological disorder. The problem is that researchers have yet to classify definitive diagnostic criteria. This is troublesome for sure. Read more below. Fibromyalgia: Fact or Fiction? by…

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Does Obesity Lead to Back Pain?

It would seem obvious at first glance that obesity should lead to back pain. We know that obesity is a significant health risk so it stands to reason that it would lead to back pain, right? Not so fast. More info below. Two good, clashing studies of the link between back pain and obesity Paul…

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Avoiding the Corrective Exercise Mistake

Occasionally clients will come to you with a specific malady they want you to address. A common solution is to recommend specific exercises. Is this a good idea? Read more below. The corrective exercise trap Paul Ingraham • Jun 14, 2017 ARCHIVED “Corrective exercise” is the idea that specific exercises can be prescribed to fix…

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