Because Loss is a Part of Life, You’ll Need these Strategies for Clients Experiencing Grief

At some point in your practice, you will probably find yourself confronted with a client experiencing an emotional crisis that reveals itself during a session.

If you aren’t trained in dealing with emotional trauma, you may need some direction in how to be there for your client in a manner that supports them and feels natural for you.

Read on for valuable tips on how to remain present, attentive, and focused on both your client’s emotional needs and massage therapy during a crisis.

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“As we deal with an aging population and work with clients over longer periods of time, we may find ourselves dealing more and more with clients who have suffered great loss.  In a professional (but highly personal) relationship it is sometimes difficult to know how to respond.  For one thing, as difficult as it is to witness  a client’s anguish, it’s critical to acknowledge their sorrow; which leads us to the dilemma of the fine line between being intrusive and supporting them in their journey; and finally sometimes, in the relative safety of your treatment room, clients become emotionally vulnerable.  Depending on your experience and personality, you may find these situations incredibly awkward.

I grew up as the granddaughter of a country preacher, which meant that I spent a lot of time tagging along on sick calls; nursing home visits; and bereavement counseling.  This experience has proven to be valuable when witnessing clients go through almost every loss imaginable in the last 25 years.  So I am going to share some simple strategies that might help you navigate these situations as well.”

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