The Big Deal About Bone Broth: Here Are Some Reasons It Should Be in Your Kitchen Cabinet

Wondering what’s up with this bone broth fad? Well, since bone broth has been ingested since humans began using fire, cooking in pots, and eating meat…it’s not a fad. And if it is, that’s only because our ways of eating have changed so drastically over the centuries — and of course, might again.

Still — bone broth is back!! People are preparing it from scratch, and it’s in your grocer’s aisle in paper cartons and cans. So you can grab some and bring it home without having to use any bones yourself…and take advantage of this age-old health remedy once again.

We thought maybe a refresher course in the benefits of bone broth should be on the table. (Was that a bad pun? Sorry!)

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“Bone broth has quickly become one of the most popular health-boosting additions to the kitchen table over the past 3-4 years.

But it’s not a new health fad.

In fact, throughout history societies have used bone broths extensively in their cooking.

From chicken soup to beef stew, bone broths were a staple of traditional diets in nearly every culture.

Bone broth was valued by traditional cultures because it’s packed with nutrients, easy to digest, rich in flavor, and loaded with restorative amino acids.

Preparing bone broths was also a way to use every part of the animal. So nothing was wasted.”

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