Need-to-Know Massage Marketing Tips for our Current Healthcare Climate

With the future of health insurance being so uncertain, it’s vital that massage therapists continue to work on their marketing strategies with a multipronged approach to building their client base. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, it’s important to always have business cards on hand, as well as a 30-second “elevator speech” prepared about…

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Learn to Market this Vital Therapeutic Massage Benefit in Assisted Living Centers

The need for physical touch is referred to as “skin hunger” or “touch hunger” by medical professionals. Psychiatrist Dr. Neel Burton, M.D., has written, “…older adults, who tend to be more alone, more vulnerable, and more self-aware, are likely to need considerably more skin contact than their younger counterparts. Therapy animals have become common in…

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Don’t Start Your First Blog Until You Read This

This blog article should actually make you feel a lot less worried about blogging.  Because if there’s one thing that quickly becomes apparent from this article it’s that time is of the essence when dealing with today’s reader; and, the fact is, you don’t have time feel worried.  The following article from Smart Blogger offers suggestions…

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