Clients Complaining of “Locked Knee”? Vastus Lateralis Trigger Points Might Be the Problem

If you’ve ever had a client come in complaining about their knees “locking up,” they’re probably pretty freaked out — and this writer can attest to why it’s such a horrible condition.

For one thing, there’s the fact that it comes out of, like, nowhere. Who knows what it is I might be doing, when suddenly, “thwap!” (Don’t ask what that word means; it just fit the emotional jolt I experience when my knee locks up.) All of a sudden I can’t unbend my knee — and it hurts, this weird, awful, like, abnormal squeezing pressur-y (I know that’s not a word, Grammarly, made that one up, too) kind of pain. 

And of course, the worst part is, I know I have to unlock it, quickly. Which hurts even more. So there’s that.

Yeah. It’s pretty bad.

Here’s a blog from The Trigger Point Therapist about what might cause my knee to be doing what it’s doing.

(Which is pretty awful. I better get to my massage therapist, like, stat.)

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“The Stuck Patella Trigger Point

Trigger points in three of the four quadricep muscles are the kingpins behind many cases of knee pain and dysfunction.

Quadricep MusclesThe vastus lateralis trigger points refer pain to the outside of the thigh, knee, and upper lower leg. They may also cause the “stuck patella” or “locked knee cap” conditions in which the knee cap fails to track up and down naturally during movements of the knee.”

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