Discover the Full Range of Treatment Offered by Integrative Massage

Integrative medicine focuses on “the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect a person’s health.” — Duke Integrative Medicine.

Integrative medicine is not a new concept; in fact, it makes use of age-old therapies and healing traditions from around the world. However, paired with the technologies, medical advances, and current knowledge and research, integrative medicine has the ability to combine the old and the new in more powerful ways than ever.

WedMD shares the example that a cancer patient being treated with integrative medicine might have a doctor who “may suggest chemotherapy to fight cancer as well as acupuncture to help manage its side effects.”

Integrative massage uses the same approach, incorporating a wider array of assessment tools and a larger scope of modalities and treatments in an ongoing treatment plan than one might experience in just a regular massage treatment.

Learn more about integrative massage and its benefits for clients and therapists who train to become integrative massage practitioners.


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“Integrative Massage: Effectiveness And Profitability

So what is so great about integrative massage and integrative treatments in general? How do they differ from a regular massage? Basically, regular massages are short-term treatments, while integrative massages offer lifestyle solutions. To offer an integrative massage, we need to have an open mindset, and see our clients as a combination of physical body, energy, mind/emotions, and how they interact with their environment.

To give you an example: if a client comes to us complaining about neck pain, we might give him/her a massage on the neck and shoulders, temporarily alleviating the pain. The client might come to us a few times but will probably stop coming if he/she notices that the neck pain keeps coming back (in some cases our massage might help a lot of course, depending on the cause!). If we, instead of simply applying a neck and shoulder massage – the same that we apply to all our clients who suffer from neck pain – actually try to diagnose our client thoroughly in order to find out the root cause for their pain; that might be poor ergonomics or stress for example, we are able to offer him/her a long-term solution, eliminating their neck pain for good. When we offer real solutions, instead of temporary alleviation, the advantage is that not only will our clients be cured and thankful, they will also keep coming back to us for any other needs they have, as well as recommend us to their family and friends.”


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