Do Your Clients Tip After a Massage…and Should You Accept It? (And What Does it Mean If They Don’t?)

Everyone likes a tip. But as a health practitioner, many massage therapists struggle with whether or not it feel right to accept one. What are your thoughts? Is there a right way or a wrong way to think about it? Julie Onofrio shares some thoughts below.

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Tipping! Yes or No?

by Julie Onofrio 

The subject of accepting tips as a massage therapist seems to come up often on the many discussion boards and Facebook.

Should you accept tips as a massage therapist?

Some say Yes and some of course say No.  Which is best for you and your business will depend on your own values and needs but it is important to also look at your relationship with money.  Money is always such a hot topic for massage therapists I think mainly because they struggle to make money for the most part.   Money is the one thing that EVERYONE has in common.  It is where we project our own feelings of self worth and acceptance.  The meaning we give money comes from our early lives and watching our early caregivers talk or NOT talk about money.  We project all our meanings onto money when money in fact really means nothing.  It really isn’t worth anything.  It is just a math problem to figure out for your self so that you have money or you don’t.

Tipping in history was a way to show gratitude and ensure future service.   With massage that may or may not apply.

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