Don’t Start Your First Blog Until You Read This

This blog article should actually make you feel a lot less worried about blogging. 

Because if there’s one thing that quickly becomes apparent from this article it’s that time is of the essence when dealing with today’s reader; and, the fact is, you don’t have time feel worried

The following article from Smart Blogger offers suggestions on how you can create written content that will actually be read by today’s reader. But just who is that reader…and what do they want from us, the content provider?

According to a recent study by Microsoft, today’s reader — or, we — have an attention span that has dwindled down to a mere 8 seconds.  Which means, whatever you’re about to write, you want to make sure it hooks your reader in quickly, makes your point abundantly clear with out lots of “extra” ideas peppered in… and is active enough to keep your audience interested. 

Also important when writing for today’s reader is to remember that “white space” is your friend, and “rhythm” isn’t just for the dance floor; it will literally draw in readers, and keep their curiosity peaked right up till the end of your piece.

Read more tips on how to write blogs and articles that are as engaging as possible below.


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“You want people to read your content, right?

That’s why you wrote it in the first place.

But getting people to read your content in today’s world of speedy news, food, and pleasure is a challenge. You’re not just competing with other writers, but with everything online — cat videos, Kardashian gossip, Game of Thrones, etc.

With all the available alternatives, your readers are easily distracted.

Most people who land on your page will scan it and decide, within seconds, to either leave or stay.

And one of the biggest turn-offs for online readers is poor paragraph structure.

That’s why you must master the art of writing paragraphs for today’s audience, and the first step to do so is to forget everything you learned about it in grade school.

Let me explain …”

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