Ever Thought of Creating a “Massage Meme” for Your Facebook Page? Here’s How

Could you see yourself creating a meme for your massage business? 

What image would you use?

While the following blog recommends using a familiar image that has been used a million times before but adding your own text to it, you can also get creative and add extra images on top of your chosen meme that can add a little more “massage” flavor to it.

What if the baby on our cover meme was quipping, “Yes! Scheduled My Weekly Massage Already”… and you used a photo editor to “paste” in a tiny image of you in your massage uniform holding a bottle of massage lotion?

Take a look at the two images used in the blog below — one of Willy Wonka and the other of Arnold “The Terminator” Schwarzenegger. 

In your meme, Willy Wonka might say something like, “You’re Stressed Out But Skipping Your Massage This Week? Tell Me How That Works Out for You” — or something equally sarcastic to match Gene Wilder’s expression. And to add a “massage” flavor to it, you might use an image editing software to add something that communicates massage, or relaxation  — like adding lotus flowers, candles, or bottles of massage lotion to the image.

In the Terminator image, you might try something like, “Missing Your Massage This Week? I’m a Pain in Your Gluteus and I’ll Be Back” — playing off the famous line from the movie. You could play with the image in the same way as the suggestion above, or come up with your own zany additions.

Read the blog to find out more about creating business memes.

Image courtesy of: The Sarr™

“Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past five years, you’ve probably seen those photos or graphics with funny, silly, or sarcastic text superimposed over them known as memes. Memes are proliferated across the internet via social media sharing, and apart from providing a few chuckles, are often used as a means of conveying more meaningful messages. The goal of a meme is to achieve “viral” status – meaning that it is spread rapidly from person to person via sharing on the Internet and social media platforms. But you may be wondering how to create a business meme for your business?”

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