Facts About the Modality of Polarity Therapy You Should Know

In 1912, Dr. Randolph Stone began to develop a practice which he would call Polarity Therapy. Stone was a doctor of Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Chiropractic, and homeopathy. Polarity Therapy combined his studies of Eastern healing practices, including Chinese acupuncture and India’s Ayurvedic system, with Western medicine.

Polarity therapy, also known as polarity balancing and polarity energy balancing, involves balancing positive and negative energy in our electromagnetic energy field to stabilize our energy flow. Implementing bodywork and stretching exercises, the therapy works to balance what it distinguishes as three different energy fields in our body — long-line currents that run north to south in our body, transverse currents running east to west in our body, and spiral currents which start at the naval and spiral outward.

According to the therapy, it is the disruption of the proper flow of these three currents that cause illness and disease in our bodies.

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“A defining model for energy medicine, polarity therapy training teaches that disease, pain and stress result from underlying energy imbalances in our body, mind and spirit.

Improving the flow of energy in a person’s body, polarity therapy brings greater balance to the whole system through four therapeutic techniques: bodywork, nutrition, exercise and self-awareness.

Here’s what you’ll need to do and know to get started as a polarity therapist.

Polarity Therapy Career Overview

Typical polarity therapy sessions start with a patient interview and evaluation. Bodywork will involve gentle stretching and pressure-sensitive touch that helps increase a client’s self-awareness of subtle energetic sensations. Clients may leave a session feeling exceptionally relaxed and experience relief from different conditions, including hypertension and anxiety.”

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