Fear of Typos Getting in the Way of Your Blogging? There’s an App for That

In building your website, you might find that writing blogs is something that worries you. However, blogs are an effective marketing and informational device, and creating original content that can be shared, posted to Facebook, tweeted on Twitter, or used in email marketing can be invaluable to your massage business.

However, for some people, grammar is a subject that made them shudder in high school — and they can still remember the red marks through their run-on sentences. All of which might make the idea of blog writing as appealing as summer school.

But luckily, there are more support apps than ever today to make blog writing as stress-free as possible. Check out this blog for a list of apps that will auto-check as you go…so you can concentrate on sharing the information — not the typos.

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“No blogger ever wants to allow any errors in their content. We do our best to have our articles and other content 100% error-free because we do not want to be viewed as some illiterate rednecks. While we know that allowing a single spelling error by accident does not make you an illiterate redneck, we also know that the Internet is a very competitive and often aggressive environment.

“What can they possibly know about anything if they write as if they never went to school!” No blogger wants to find anything like that in their comment sections. Hence, we realize that we should not rely on our writing skills alone, especially when there are some many online tools to help us ensure the quality of our content. So today, we would like to take a look at the most popular inline proofreading tools and see what makes them so popular.”

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