Here are 10 Things You Can Do to Give Your Newly Written Blog Some Traction

If you’re spending any time at all on the web, you know that every day people are blogging about any number of subjects — including massage. 

If you’re in the massage business and you have a website (which you most definitely should!) you should be blogging as well. 

If you’re feeling short on ideas, go to google, type in “massage blogs” and voila: you’ll see any number of blogs written by therapists, educators, and marketing people. After you’ve read a few from several different sources, you should feel more comfortable about writing your own.

You can add infographics, YouTube videos, testimonials, informational blogs about massage techniques you’ve found useful, CE courses you’re taking, or new research that you feel is important in the massage or health and wellness field; any of these will add to a visitor’s knowledge base about massage.

Then you’ll want to add in images; use sites like Flickr, Unsplash, or Pexels for free images (but always check the license for any information on attribution credits, which give the photographer’s name).

Once you’ve written your post you’re ready to hit “Publish.” Hopefully your website has been optimized to post directly to your social media pages, like Facebook and Twitter. 

But then what? Well, check out this blog for 10 things you can do to get your blog in front of as many eyes as possible. 

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“What do you do after you hit the “Publish” button?

If your blog isn’t getting any traction, you probably aren’t doing the right things.

Let’s be real. You can’t just post to social media a few times and move on to the next post. That’s not going to cut it.

You can’t spend all your time writing new posts and then neglect those posts once they’re published.

In fact, you should spend only 20% of your time writing, and 80% getting people to read what you wrote.

But how, you ask?

This post will tell you 10 things you need to do after publishing your post.”

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