Here are 5 Tips for Brainstorming the Perfect Social Media User Name/Handle for Your Company

Are you beating your head up against the wall trying to find the best “handle” or user name for your business’ social media presence?

With more and more social media savvy entrepreneurs and business marketers flocking to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, trying to pick a great user name or “handle” might seem daunting.

You’ll want it to be creative but also to reflect some aspect of your business. Or, you might want to use a variation of your own name — but wow! — there seem to be a lot of other people who got there first and are already using it in a million different ways!

Read this blog for 5 brainstorming tips on picking your best name for your business outfit’s social media presence.


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“Choosing the right name for your business can be challenging enough, but choosing the right username or “handle” for your business’s social media accounts can prove even more difficult. Here are my top 5 tips for choosing the best social media username for successfully growing your following.

  1. Make it relevant and consistent: If you’re looking to build a fan base of loyal followers, make sure your handle is appropriate and somehow related to your company’s products or services. It’s a good idea to try to make your business’s username the same or as similar as possible across each platform so that your fans can find and follow each of your accounts.”

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