Here are 5 Ways to Engage Your Clients and Customers Without Harassing Them

As a health care provider, putting on the “sales” hat might be something you loathe. 

You might feel uncomfortable “selling” your massage services to anyone; after all, why is it necessary to sell someone something that’s good for them?

Unfortunately, the business you love is in competition with other massage providers, and many of them are already learning to engage their clients in ways that speak to the “customer” inside of them. 

Find new ways of thinking about the “sales” side of your business. Think of it as sharing health-inducing strategies in the lives of your clients, their friends, and their family.

Some therapists have discovered that couponing, offering package discounts, or referral discounts are ways that allow them to increase their earnings and their business without the “yucky” feeling of heavy-handed selling.

Here are some ideas to help you engage the “customer” in your client without being pushy.

Image courtesy of: Leo Reynolds

“Are you annoying your customers?

Probably so.

Inundating your audience with multiple messages at inconvenient times isn’t helpful. Therefore, it’s important to know when and how to engage with consumers.

“Marketing is your way of connecting with your customers as well as a way to convey your business’ personality and values – it’s an essential channel…Even companies with the best of intentions can often manage to annoy their target market,” writes Jennifer Warr, former engagement and awareness cell leader at Klood.

Let’s explore what you can do to market your brand without being a nuisance. Here are five strategies to stop your annoying behavior.”

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