Here’s why Leveraging “Social Proof” is Vital in Your Email Marketing

The following blog reviews how “Social proof” is being used by companies in their email marketing. Considering it’s probably aimed at larger companies who have been collecting data about their customers, their sales, and their online reviews, it makes sense to use social proof in their marketing. By combining “email + social proof,” the blog explores the power of “social emails” — emails where companies can both reach out and touch new customers, retain old customers, and do a bit of “hey, look at how well we’re doing!” by sharing stats, facts, and reviews.

But how can small businesses use social proof to their advantage?

Here are some questions to ponder as you read:

  • Do you have a sense of how many clients you see in a week/month/year?
  • How many of them are repeat customers?
  • Have you ever done an impromptu survey that you asked your clients to fill out?
  • Do you know how many would review you positively if you asked for a review?
  • Do you have any clients you would feel comfortable asking for a brief, written testimonial?
  • Do you have any idea how many of the clients you’ve treated have had improvement through treatment?
  • Would, or have, your customers recommend(ed) you to friends of family?
  • Have you made any recent improvement to service, or updated your certifications, added new modalities or specialties, or increased your practice and the number of clients you’re seeing?

You want to have great things to say in your email, so read this blog and look for ways you can incorporate some “social proof” about your own practice into your email marketing.

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“Email marketing alone drives as much revenue as all other digital channels combined according to a survey of US marketing execs.

The most recent research says there are roughly 3.7 billion email users worldwide (makes Facebook look puny by comparison, no?). We send a collective 269 billion emails each day, and that’s predicted to hit just under 320 billion by 2021.

Email is far from obsolete. It’s far-reaching. It’s effective. And it’s still growing.

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