How to Get Stuff for Your Massage Business Done — Even on Days When You’re Not “All There”

Everybody has good days and bad days. But when you’re in business for yourself, blowing off everything on bad days doesn’t have to be your norm. 

Instead, consider the “low stress” tasks you can do that will still allow you to “check stuff off the list” without too much energy (and yeah, maybe with the help of a glass of wine or a bag of Dove dark chocolates).

There’s some research that indicates doing low-stress tasks can actually be somewhat comforting. A study lead by Gloria Mark at the University of California, Irvine, found employees were actually happiest when doing the fairly mundane activities that are normally considered “busywork” — rote work.

“With rote work, you get a feeling of accomplishment, but you haven’t exerted a lot of mental activity,” says Dr. Mark. “It gives you a feeling of fulfillment, but there’s not frustration or stress.”

What kind of things can you kick back and do for your massage business on your “bad” or “low energy” days? Do you have emails to look through? (You can do that while eating chocolate.) Do you have sheets and laundry to be done? (You can do laundry and drink wine, right?) Or maybe there’s something you can do on Facebook that won’t be too drama-filled: try finding a nice image on Flickr, Pexels, or Unsplash, google an inspirational phrase (you might need one yourself!), and post them together on your Facebook page.

Read the blog for suggestions on how you can still get things done on days when you’re “not all there.”


Image courtesy of: TheLatinMrsPeel

“If you make yourself engage in “flow” activities during ebb times, everything is going to be hard, painful, and depressing. You’re basically making yourself go to the beach in winter. There’s no good end to it.

There’s also no good end to bailing entirely in the ebb times. You’re going to feel guilty that you’re not “doing more”, and you’re going to start thinking you suck, and you’re going to start feeling behind because of all the things you “should” have been able to do that day.

To avoid this cluster of unhappiness and stay productive, you must interrupt your own pattern. You have to start choosing to do flow activities when you’re in a place of flow, and ebb activities when you’re in a place of ebb.

Ebbs only feel like a problem when you’re trying to do things that belong in the flow category.

You can get an amazing amount done in the ebb times, if you simply choose ebb-appropriate activities instead.”


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