If You Have Patients with Traumatic Scarring, You Need to Know this Modality

After surgery or any traumatic incident that causes injury to the body, people are often left with scarring. Depending on where the scarring is and how deeply the injury goes in the body, patients find themselves left with not only physical scars and possibly impaired movement or elasticity to the area, but many often feel emotionally traumatized, another sort of “scarring.”

However, massage practitioners such as author and therapist Nancy Keeney Smith have developed techniques for dealing with the physical and emotional effects of scarring. In the following blog, Smith is interviewed and shares from personal and professional experience on the profound impact therapeutic massage for traumatic scarring has on patients, their physical and emotional healing, and ongoing well-being and health.

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“Whether the client’s scar tissue was brought on by a burn, surgery, auto accident, injury or cancer recovery, scar management treatment can help with range of motion and improve their quality of life. I enjoy combining years of research with my clinical experience of scar clients to develop a protocol that combines gentle hands-on techniques to facilitate the best healing environment.

Healwell: What’s a common mistake/misconception that you encounter when teaching massage therapists about working with scar tissue?

NKS: That you will cause the client pain when you are doing the work. This is where the knowledge acquired in class eases the fear and instills confidence in the therapist.

Another is the need to go deep and hard on the scar tissue. We learn why this is not the best idea for lasting effects.”

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