Is a Specialty in Medical Massage Right For You? Here are Some Facts You Should Know

If you’re thinking about specializing or focusing your practice in a specific area and you’re interested in working with physicians or in medical establishments or clinics, medical massage may be for you.

According to the Medical Massage Practitioners of America, medical massage is a result-oriented practice focusing on specific areas of the body which have been diagnosed with issues and prescribed a treatment plan designed by a doctor. Organizations which support, advocate, and conduct course work around medical massage include The American Medical Massage Association.

Larry Swanson, a massage therapist in Seattle shares, “The way I understand and practice them, medical massage and wellness massage are two entirely different services. Medical massage is medical care delivered to a patient under the direction of a prescribing health care provider and typically paid for by a third party. Wellness massage is a consumer service delivered to a client who pays for the service themselves.”

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“Medical massage is a term often heard in the massage profession. Medical massage, as directed by a physician, can include providing massage or bodywork, such as lymphatic drainage, to address medical conditions, such as lymphedema. Swedish massage is sometimes indicated for relaxation and pain relief. For the purposes of this article, we will discuss the benefits to a massage practice of working with physicians.”

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