Learn About the Trager Approach to Dealing with Chronic Pain

The Trager Approach or Trager Work was developed by Milton Trager, M.D. (1908-1997) in order to treat his own chronic back pain, due to a congenital spinal deformity.

The Trager Approach theorizes that pain and reduced function in our bodies are symptoms of accumulated tension that can come from past accidents, bad posture, emotional blockages, fear, and stress.

The table work technique uses a gentle, rocking motion to create deep relaxation and encourages the body and mind to reach balance and harmony. It frees the body’s tension through the practitioner’s use of gentle swinging, shaking, pressing and lengthening. The relaxation and movements create a freeing sensation that encourages the client to begin to release deeply held tension.

The active movements of the Approach that the client does themselves are called “Mentastics”  — a combination of “mental” and “gymnastics.”

Watch the video and read the blog to learn more about the Trager Approach.

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Learn About the Trager Approach to Bodywork

“The Trager Approach to bodywork facilitates deep relaxation, increased mobility and clarity. At Trager therapy schools, students learn how the gentle rocking and rolling movements of the Trager approach helps release deep-seated physical and mental patterns that can block the body’s natural, free-flowing motion.

With society’s increased focus on wellness and natural healing methods, Trager therapy is becoming increasingly popular in the marketplace; making today an excellent time to become a Trager therapist.”

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