Learn How You Can Reach High School Jocks, Millennial Hipsters, and Retired Yoga Fans through Generational Marketing

Who can use a massage? Everyone can use a massage. But since Americans are living longer, the age range of “everyone” you will be marketing to spans several decades. So, “everyone” means everyone from high school jocks, to millennial hipster techies, to retired yoga fans.

That means there are a variety of clients you will want to reach with your massage business marketing. To be precise, the following blog breaks down the six generations of possible clients. And yes, each generation is interacting with messaging in different ways.

So how do you reach this wide span of customers? Read on to find out more about “generational marketing.”

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“Do different age groups prefer different online content? Yes, they do. There is no single universal marketing strategy that could work for everyone. A 50 year-old non-techno person would have an entirely different reaction to an online advertisement as compared to a person in his late teens.

That’s why it is impossible to run a successful online content marketing campaign unless you have segmented your audience in age groups. Segmentation is vital because it helps you identify your target market. Otherwise, you will have no idea whom you are addressing.

This is where the generational marketing steps in.

How Generational Marketing Works

In generational marketing, the audience is segmented on the basis of the generation they belong to. Each generation refers to a group of people born in the same period of time who share similar life experiences and are shaped by that particular time period. For generational marketing, you must modify and customize your online content with respect to your target generation.

The Six Generations

You will find six living generations in the USA who are quite diverse from each other when it comes to interests, hobbies, mental approach, and just about everything. Most marketers base their generational marketing strategy on at least four out of these six generations.”

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