Learn Why Being “Perfect” Might Be Standing in the Way of You Creating More Massage Business

Trying to be perfect will drive you crazy…and stop you from moving ahead. According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, the startup gurus in Silicon Valley have realized that, and even make the most of it, creating events like FailCon, which promotes itself as a conference “for startup founders to study their own and others’ failures and prepare for success.” 

Sometimes there are valid reasons for wanting to “do better.” Maybe you’re not as organized as you want to be. Maybe you have time challenges. Maybe you’re not “that good with money.” Any of those could be stopping you, and maybe they should be. Maybe you want to work on those qualities first. 

But if you feel you’re fairly competent at those kinds of things, then the next set of questions might focus on your skill set. Maybe you’re worried that you haven’t really been practicing massage all that long, or that you’re not as good as your own massage therapist, or that there are other therapists at your spa who are (fill in the blanks): “stronger,” “better looking,” “taller,” “funnier,” “more personable,” “more serious”…you get it.

Well, the way NOT to move ahead is by waiting for perfection to knock on your door — or, schedule a massage, as it were. 

Read this blog for tips on rethinking your attitude towards your practice and how to be more proactive in creating business without getting hung up on “perfection.”

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“True or false: You have to be a massage expert to be successful in massage?

My guess is that you said false.

But does your answer match what you’re actually doing in your work life right now?

In other words, have you stalled with starting a business, growing your business or adding an extra stream of income because you don’t know enough, because you’re not an expert?

If so, waiting to become an expert could actually be a way to avoid moving forward with something.

I get it.

I was an expert at avoiding the next uncomfortable step to increasing my income.

I can’t open my own neuromuscular massage business until I’m as good as Paul St. John.

I can’t teach CE courses until I command the classroom like Professor John Keating in Dead Poets Society.

I can’t become a writer until I win the Hemingway Award.

And the list goes on…”

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