LISTEN NOW: How Groupon Can Help You Build Your Massage Practice (Podcast)

If you’ve ever looked at the coupon platform giant Groupon, you’ve seen those ads for massage packages. Have you ever wondered who is giving those massages, and how it’s working for the massage therapist’s business?

In the following podcast, Cath Cox, LMT, and creator of Booked and Busy in 90 Days™, shares her experiences building her massage practice and finding success using Groupon. 

For Cath, using Groupon allowed her the opportunity to work with many new clients and expose more clients to her Ashiatsu practice. It’s been a positive process that enabled her to transfer many of the clients from Groupon into regular clients who no longer use the Groupon coupons.

“When you treat clients right and do a good job, you’d be surprised how many want to come back and see you on a regular basis,” she says. She adds that it’s a fairly passive process which allows you to keep your schedule full regardless of whether full-paying clients are on your schedule or not, while exposing your practice to people who might not have heard of you before.

She has become an expert in building massage private practice; the tagline for her website is “Proven massage therapy marketing and business strategies for building a practice you love!” 

In this podcast she is interviewed by Massage Business & Marketing Coach Tim Cooper of Massage Marketing and Wellness Business Breakthrough.


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“In this episode I speak with Cath Cox who has had a lot of success with deal sites such as Groupon. Cath explains how to negotiate and manage Groupon deals to effectively grow a business.

Cath does say that mindset is the vital in this whole process. If you can’t get your head around giving away ‘cheap’ massage then this strategy probably isn’t for you.”

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