Marketing Your Business with Text Messages??? Here are 7 Reasons Why It’s a Great Idea

If you’re uncertain about whether your massage clients will respond positively to reminders about appointments, daily, weekly, or monthly deals or discounts, coupons, specials, or free demo massages, why not just ask them?

Your clients understand that massage is your business and your livelihood. While you are a healthcare professional, not taking advantage of the benefits of technology to maintain and grow your business isn’t forward thinking. After all, the only person who is going to promote your business on a continual basis is you.

Take the temperature of your clients regarding text message marketing if you want their input. Email them and ask them, or casually mention it at your next appointment if you’re thinking about it but are unsure.

Read the blog below for insight on the power of text message marketing.

Image courtesy of: phamnhatduy1993

“To stay ahead of the game with your small business, you have to try various means of promotion. Texting happens to be one of them. Here are some statistics to help convince you to leverage text messaging for your small business. 67% of cell phone owners check their devices for calls, messages or alerts even when they don’t hear their phone ringing or vibrating. And 82,1% have stated that they open every single text they get, and they do this within three minutes of receiving it.”

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