Need Options for Financing the Growth of Your Massage Business? Here are Some Ideas

In Jean Shea’s article, “Explore Funding Options to Grow Your Spa or Massage Practice,” she includes a variety of options for raising funds if you’re thinking of expanding your business.

One method that has gained popularity that you should also think about is crowdfunding. If you’re wondering, “What is crowdfunding, and who does it, and how might it work for me?” read on. describes crowd-funding this way: “Crowdfunding is about persuading individuals to each give you a small donation — $10, $50, $100, maybe more. Once you get thousands of donors, you have some serious cash on hand.” 

Calling crowdfunding “the social media version of fundraising,” the article goes onto explain how crowdfunding has become popular with the advent of social media. In the same way that you’re marketing your business on Facebook, you can attach a crowdfunding “campaign” to your social media page and advertise your campaign for friends and family to support. According to the article, there are over 600 crowdfunding platforms online worldwide, raising billions for thousands of causes. Two of the most popular are Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Find out more about the basics of crowdfunding here, and read the blog below for more ideas on funding if you want to grow your massage business.

Image courtesy of: Fatimah Collins

“Are you thinking that it’s time to expand your spa or massage practice? Maybe you want to add another location or you would like to offer more skin care services and that involves buying new equipment and hiring more staff. You also may be ready to remodel your facilities to be able to accommodate more clients or expand your retail section or just because the décor is dated and needs refreshing.”


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