Need-to-Know Massage Marketing Tips for our Current Healthcare Climate

With the future of health insurance being so uncertain, it’s vital that massage therapists continue to work on their marketing strategies with a multipronged approach to building their client base.

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, it’s important to always have business cards on hand, as well as a 30-second “elevator speech” prepared about your massage therapy practice and the benefits of massage therapy.

Other efforts include:

Advertising – to reach new clients and keep older ones in the loop. Efforts can include leaving your massage business card and/or brochure listing your services at community centers and areas and with any stores that provide an area for flyers and public announcements. You can also make flyers and announcements for upcoming promotions, free demos, and workshops. Be certain your contact information is highly visible, and make it easy for contact to reach you by giving your phone, email and website address.

Promotions – Advertising specials and discounts including holiday specials, two-for-ones and package deals, or workshops and demos you can offer.

Events, Charities, and Causes – Seek out charities and community organizations in your area and develop relations with them. By offering free demos and their events, sponsoring the organization, or offering charity workers special deals, you can give back and spread the word about your business at the same time.

Read more about marketing health related businesses during this current healthcare climate in the blog. 


“No one knows for certain what’s going to happen to health care in the United States, but our clients have to keep moving forward with their marketing and communications efforts.

Whether Obamacare is repealed, replaced or revised, it’s safe to assume any health care law will continue to advance two trends:

  1. Consumers will shoulder an increasing financial burden for their portion of health care costs (primarily as the result of high-deductible health plans)
  2. Providers will have to focus on value-based compensation vs. volume-based compensation, i.e., pay for performance instead of fee for service

 How do these trends affect health care marketing?

 Patients’ growing financial responsibility for their care is going to require health care marketers to make a stronger case for value.”

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