Not Using Grapeseed Oil as a Massage Lubricant Yet? Find Out What Your Clients are Missing

If you’re searching for natural products to use as lubricants for your clients, put grape seed oil on your list.

According to Massage Education, one reason grape seed oil is popular among massage therapists is that it provides for easy gliding along the surface of the skin, and is easily absorbed into the skin while being very light weight.  But that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to grape seed’s benefits.

The antioxidants in grapeseed oil antioxidants are called procyanidolic oligomers (PCO’s), which reportedly aid in increasing vitamin C levels in cells, help strengthen collagen to make it less susceptible to bacteria, and helps lessen disintegration of our capillaries.

Another series of antioxidants contained in grape seed are polyphenols, which research has shown help to slow down the aging process.

Because grape seed oil is a natural inflammatory it can help clear acne.  In an article in Massage Magazine, Rebecca Lee, R.N., founder of Remedies For Me says she encourages grapeseed oil for people with acne and oily skin because it can help balance out the body’s natural oils. She also says grapeseed oil “is great for people with sensitive or aging skin, and does not lead to any type of allergic reaction. Grape seed oil has the ability to improve blood circulation, decreases swelling, speeds up the process of wound healing and repairs damaged capillaries and blood vessels.”

According to Leaf, anyone with allergies to grapes should avoid grape leaf oil or grape leaf extract (a stronger product used in supplements).

Read more about the benefits of using grapeseed oil as a massage lubricant in the blog.


Image courtesy of: novenamaternityskincare

“Grapeseed Oil locks in moisture, so it makes the skin feel more supply and smooth.  And since it has quick absorption, it doesn’t leave a greasy residue, making it ideal as a moisturizer and for use in massage products. Grapeseed Oil can be used on all skin types, including sensitive skin that often reacts to other kinds of oils.”


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