Occupational Injury #1: Your All-Important Thumb and Why It’s so Delicate

If you’re suffering from pain in your thumb, you’re not alone.

Thumb injuries are one of the common complaints, according to research shared by Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.

 You’re constantly using your thumb when you’re giving massages that need powerful pressure, and it’s also involved in lots of massages where you’re gliding along the body.

 Unfortunately, the thumb isn’t really anatomically designed for the heavy use a career in massage therapy puts it through. Which means that eventually, your thumb is going to feel the wrath of overuse, even if you don’t think you’re putting it in jeopardy in any way.

Image courtesy of: Livin_In_Wyoming

 Regular self-care is important for a massage therapist, and your thumb is one of those areas that could probably use special attention. It’s not meant to be a weight-bearing joint, but the amount of pressing and stressing you’ll be putting on it over the course of time will definitely be overworking the joint at some point.

 How often do you change up your routines to alleviate the amount of pressure you’re putting on your thumb joint? Are you soaking with ice regularly to help alleviate inflammation? Are you giving yourself hand massage, or getting it from another professional?

 Ian Harvey, who goes by the title “The Massage Sloth” has done a video we think you should look at, especially if your thumb regions are feeling at all strained.

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