Read This to Learn the Benefits of Abdominal Massage — and Who Should Avoid It

We all know how immediately our hands grasp our stomachs when we’re anxious or nervous. We even use terms like “butterflies in the stomach,” “sick to my stomach,” or “it was like a punch in the gut,” to describe the relationship between our psycho-emotional state and our abdominal area.

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Massaging the abdominal region is a powerful healing therapy that has been performed for thousands of year.  As well as aiding in relieving stress related stomach issue, it can also aid your clients who have digestive issues — including bloating, constipation, and excessive gas.

Stimulating the organs in the abdominal area also helps move backed-up waste and promotes digestion and metabolism. It can also provide relief from menstrual pains and cramps.

Abdominal massage should not be performed on people with gallstones, kidney stones, internal bleeding, or calcium deposits in the bladder. It should also not be performed on pregnant women, or women with any disease or inflammation of female organs. People with hernias or ulcers should also avoid massage.

Watch the YouTube video by The Massage Sloth on tips for giving abdominal massage and its benefits.

“It’s pretty common to abandon abdominal massage after massage school. After all, we have to deal with chest draping, clients sometimes feel self-conscious about the area, and it’s rarely requested. All this is true, but there’s one type of client who I’ll always suggest ab work to: Those with major stress, and those who are there for the psychological benefits of massage.”

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