Read This to Protect Yourself or Your Clients Who May Suffer from a Viral Skin Infection

In part three of her five-part article on massage treatment for clients with skin disorders, Susan Salvo focuses on viral skin infections.

One point she begins with is the importance of washing your hands as a therapist. Included is the recommendation from the CDC that washing your hands is better than using a hand sanitizer.

While hand sanitizers may be more convenient and quickly remove some bacteria and microbes from your hands, they have some drawbacks. 

One of the reasons for that is that hand sanitizers have not been found to kill or remove all germs. This is especially true of non-alcohol-based hand sanitizers. For that reason, if you choose to use one, alcohol-based sanitizers are recommended, and the alcohol content that has been found to be most effective is a 60% and 95% alcohol concentration. It’s also been shown that non-alcohol-based hand sanitizers may irritate your skin more than alcohol-based sanitizers. Hand sanitizer also doesn’t work as well if your hands are visibly dirty or greasy.

Read the blog for more information on massage and clients with viral skin infections.

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“PART 3 OF 5: There are many viral skin infections that range from mild to the severe. Some viral skin infections affect just the skin and others are associated with systemic diseases.  This article features massage modifications for viral skin infections including cold sores, chickenpox, shingles, and warts.”

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