Should You Be Using Instagram Marketing? Here are 5 Tips on this Social Media Fave

Earlier we shared Peg Fitzpatrick’s blog on Pinterest and examined that social media platform, which focuses on curating images from around the web and sharing them (or pinning them) to your page.

Instagram is also image-based, but it allows you to share your own images, add a short post, and is considered a more personal kind of platform. People can comment on your posts, so it’s considered a more engagement-oriented platform.

Users are different on both as well: Pinterest has a somewhat older, more female oriented user base, while Instagram users are a bit younger, with as many males as female users. 

Learn more about Instagram in this blog. 

Image courtesy of: A F N A N || أفنان إبراهيم ♕ ”

“Instagram is arguably growing up to be the most powerful social media platform around. By 2019, Instagram’s audience is projected to make up 55.8 percent of social network use in the United States.

It is especially popular with teens and the coveted millennial demographic; Instagram is considered the most important social network by American teens, and is second only to Facebook for overall usage amongst Americans ages 12-24. 

While it’s clear that Instagram is an important social media platform to capitalize on, many businesses feel that, unless they have a highly visual product, the picture-centric nature of Instagram makes it a bad fit for their business. However, this isn’t strictly true—in fact, this is one of the biggest misconceptions about Instagram.”

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