Should You Register Your Massage Therapy Business on Yelp? Read This and Decide

Yelp is an online tool that has become known as the most powerful review site. Founded in 2004, creators claim the original purpose for the site was to help people find the best local businesses. Today the platform claims to have 135 million monthly users, and search engine results prove that Yelp is a powerful source of information for businesses.

Business owners can set up a Yelp account for free; often the business is already listed, but not claimed or updated. If you’re the owner or representative all you have to do is claim the listing, then update the information and add photos.

A recent survey by Wiidemen Consulting revealed that 60% of Yelp users go to the site looking for reviews, while only 32% are actually looking for businesses near them. But how important were the reviews to them? With choices of “high,” “in between,” or “low,” only 42% said the impact of the reviews was “high,”  11% said “low” – while 45% said, “in between.”

Users can use Yelp to find events and communicate with other users, while business owners can also respond to reviews and send messages to customers.

To set up a Yelp account:

  1. Claim Your Yelp Business Page — if it’s listed. Use the search function on the Yelp for Business Owners page to find your company.
  2. If your business is not listed, click the “Add your business to Yelp” link and complete the form to add your listing.
  3. Fill out a form with your company name, email address, and password.
  4. Verify your phone by clicking the “Call Me Now” button.
  5. Update your business Information and add photos.
  6. You can also offer specials and gift certificates; customers pay Yelp, Yelp keeps a share of the purchase (30% for deals, 10% for gift certificates), and you get the rest.

Check out Yelp and see if it’s something you want to use for your massage therapy business. Let us know in the comments if you have had experience with the tool, and if so, how your experience has been — we’d like to know!


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