So Many Trigger Points, So Much Lower Back Pain!

They may be pregnant women, they may be athletes, they may be construction workers, they may be dancers, they may be office workers…whoever they may be, they are constantly entering your office complaining of the same thing.

Lower back pain is the common cold of a massage therapist’s office.

The following blog breaks down the variety of trigger points along the spine — all of which play their sometimes painful parts in the drama of human lower back pain.

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“Lower Back Pain has reached epidemic proportions. Here we look at the part played by trigger points.

It has been suggested that low back pain is an inevitable result of walking upright (Harari). As the force of gravity acts upon the skeleton and its muscular and ligamentous armature, it is distributed via the fascia into three dimensions. Myers (2013) talks of an internal cohesion- compression of the body where it is both collapsing in on itself and pushing out from itself in a constant state of equilibrium, a concept called ‘tensegrity’. Tensegrity is seen nowhere better than in the spine.

If the spine were a straight, rigid stick it wouldn’t be able to compensate for the multiple forces acting upon it. Therefore it is specifically arranged in a series of curves (cervical and lumbar lordosis and thoracic kyphosis). Along with the spinal discs, these curves are essential for shock absorption and are maintained by an interblend of muscles and ligaments that fire up in cyclical sequences.”

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