The Body Celebration Theory: Here are 5 Ways to Keep Your Clients Coming Back For More

We loved the analogy this blog writer uses about every massage being like a mini-celebration…because it is!

If you think about it, every massage is a special interchange between you, your clients, and all the cells you have between you. That’s a lot of guests! But in truth, every ounce of your energy and fiber goes into a massage, and you probably feel different after every one. Whether you’re exhausted, inspired, or reinvigorated, your entire being has experienced an event and an interchange with the person on the table.

And without a doubt, your client has experienced something to celebrate: for one thing, they’ve taken the time they need out of their busy lives to focus in on the needs of their body, mind, and spirit. And that’s something to celebrate.

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“Getting and keeping clients isn’t rocket science. It’s really more of a social science because it’s like hosting a party (or several short parties per day). So what makes a party so exceptional that people will remember it, tell others about it, and want to attend again and again?

There are many elements that go into a memorable party. Since we (most likely) won’t provide food, cocktails, clowns or piñatas, I’ve chosen these five because no matter the occasion, they hit the mark. Integrating them into your practice routine will keep clients coming back and asking for your business card to pass along.”

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