This Alarming Statistic on Trust Might Impact Two Thirds of Your Clients

As a therapist and practitioner of massage you undoubtedly know how vulnerable the act of disrobing and lying down on your massage table makes some of your clients feel, and how important it is to encourage an atmosphere of trust during your sessions. But did you know that trust is getting harder and harder for many Americans in general?

A 2013 article on shared a poll that revealed that only 1/3 of Americans trusted other people. According to the site, the study revealed that “beginning with the baby boomers, each generation has started off adulthood less trusting than those who came before them.”

This is a sad statistic that indicates that 2 out of every 3 clients you treat may be dealing with some kind of trust issue that can impact how they step into your massage office, and how they view you — before you even lay a hand on them. 

Which is all the more reason for you to create an atmosphere and uphold a standard of practice that will help offset any personal trust issues that your clients may have. Your manner, business practices, and presentation as a health care provider are vital. 

Read more on how the vital role of trust impacts your relationship with your clients in this blog. 

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“I often suggest to my students that they consider this: Someone is going to give them almost total access to perform healthy touch on his or her naked body. This image invites me into a place of deep respect and the responsibility to do no harm.

People seek massage for various reasons and to meet some very personal needs.

Clients desire and deserve to feel safe in the session room. They want to trust their massage therapist. Trust is, after all, the basic tenet if all healthy relationships.”

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