Understanding How Using Omnichannel Marketing Helps Reach More Customers

Omnichannel marketing isn’t difficult to understand: consider how you learn about anything you’re interested in.

You might watch a TV show and listen to a podcast. Then you might read some Facebook posts, peruse some interesting Instagram infographics, and watch a YouTube video. You might buy a book, thumb through a magazine, or look through your local health food store’s weekly newsletter. You might sign up for a weekly email blog and later register for a webinar. You might even see a flyer with takeaways/tear-offs posted on a tree somewhere. (It happens.)

These can all be thought of as “channels.” All of these channels offer ways for brands to connect with consumers. You can think about marketing your massage business through any of these channels. 

The following blog explains the value and the challenges of omnichannel marketing for marketing agencies. But if you have a massage business, use what’s valuable from the article when thinking about keeping your branding material consistent: same logos, maybe the same color scheme on emails, ads, flyers, and the web. Do you have a catchy tagline that sticks in people’s head that you can use on all your marketing material? Read more on omnichannel marketing: 

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“Omnichannel marketing presents consumers with one clear, unified message across all platforms. Whether your client’s target consumer is on her phone, her laptop, or her couch with the TV in front of her, an omnichannel campaign will reach her. The idea is that each platform provides lift to the others, increasing user engagement, brand awareness and, of course, sales.

But this type of marketing, while seemingly commonsense, is not so widely used. Agencies are often structured to focus messages on individual platforms.

The idea that any one consumer engages with only one platform is unrealistic — leaning on that concept won’t push clients’ marketing strategies to their full potential. Consumers often bounce between devices and look up products online before setting foot in a store. Omnichannel marketing helps brands connect with consumers more closely.

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