Use These 3 Questions to Encourage Your Clients to Book Future Sessions

Are you struggling with talking to your clients about booking more sessions?

An article on Hubspot shares research that indicates you’re not alone. According to the study, 75% of professional sales professionals aren’t even good at it. One reason is that they probably didn’t have any sales training; after all, there aren’t too many places offering degrees in “selling things.”

While the article indicates that there is no such thing as an innate “great” sales person, it did say that “the biggest key to succeeding in sales is simply a desire to be great at sales.”

In the following blog, Cath Cox shares 3 un-pushy, straightforward questions that have simplified her massage sales and contributed to her financially successful and busy massage practice. 

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One of the most challenging parts about having my own practice has been learning how to talk to clients. Specifically, I’ve struggled with what to say to encourage rebooking and continuing visits. I never wanted to be pushy or sound like a massage salesperson, and I was afraid I would say the wrong thing and sound like an idiot. After all these years in practice, I’ve discovered it’s not what I’m saying. It’s who I’m saying it to.

If your massage training was like mine, you didn’t get any formal education about sales. This is sad, because without knowing what to do or say to get clients to come back, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to build a sustainable business. But guess what? Overcoming our fear of being judged or disliked is harder than mastering this skill.

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