Video Refresher: Best Posture Practices for Massage Therapists — Watch Now

Have you been experiencing any headaches, neck pain, backaches? There are any number of reasons massage therapists experience pain, including:

overuse and stress of muscles

weak, untoned muscles

improper table heights

performing techniques incorrectly

poor posture and body mechanics

Let’s just focus on that last one for a minute: the importance of proper posture and self-protective body mechanics while giving a massage. Poor posture and body mechanics will negatively impact your long term health and your ability to continue to perform massage, and maintaining your physical well-being should always be your top priority in your business.

Image courtesy of: Charles Wills

Some things to think about regarding both posture and body mechanics include:

stretching and warming up before you give any massage

keeping your breath flowing: full, deep, and steady throughout the day

using your entire body weight and leaning in from your largest muscles first

using your core

 Take a look at this video from the American Massage Therapy Association, and the following blog from Elite Continuing Education for helpful refreshers on proper posture and safe, self-protective body mechanics.

“Massage therapists depend on their hands and wrists for their jobs. But bad posture and repetitive muscle strain can cause trigger points to form in the muscles, creating debilitating pain in those areas and headaches that affect productivity, said Mary Biancalana, president of the National Association of Myofascial Trigger Points Therapists.

Learning the techniques of trigger point therapy may be the key to reducing those headaches, wrist and hand pain in therapists and their clients. Elite‚Äôs Trigger Point Class, helps therapists identify and deactivate trigger points in muscles that cause pain in hands and wrists and headaches, the third largest cause of lost production from disability worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.”

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