Vital Points to Consider When You’re Looking to Name or Rebrand Your Massage Business

If you’re looking to name your massage business, or you’d like to rebrand and change your business’ current name, you’ll need to consider several things.

According to American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), three important things to consider when looking for a name include asking yourself these questions:

  • Would this name inspire trust and credibility?
  • Would this name be easy to remember?
  • Would this name help me build a referral network within my clients’ community of interest?

Many people choose to use their own name as their business name. Others will decide to use “geotargeted” names, which might use a street name or the county or neighborhood they are located in their name.  Some might use a name that has a personal meaning for them. 

Sage Massage Institute of Massage recommends staying away from so-called “cute” names, stating, “Business doesn’t do ‘cute’. It is really not the place. Avoid cute names or references to some private joke that only you and your boyfriend understand.” Sage cautions that “now is not the time” for names like “My Very Own Massage Clinic,” “Becka’s Baby,” or “Sarah’s Soft Touch.”                                                                                                

Read about additional considerations to keep in mind when choosing a name for your business in the blog below.

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  • “When you think of some of the most iconic business names, which ones come to mind? Nike, J.P. Morgan, Ben and Jerry’s, Google, and Charmin are all corporate names that command immediate brand recognition; but how do you choose a name for your business that is synonymous with the products or services you provide while being easily recognizable to customers?”


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