What You Need to Know About Fungal Skin Infections and Treatment

With the skin being the largest organ of the body, multiple diseases can attack, and because some conditions are contagious but not immediately obvious to your client, you need to be prepared and aware if you see something that looks like it might be a skin disease — such as fungal infections. 

According to an article in the online Merk Manual, fungi are usually caused by yeasts like candida or dermatophytes. Most fungi live on the top layer of the dermis. Often people with skin folds (as in obese clients) will fall prey to fungi living in the moist warmth of the folds. People with diabetes are also more susceptible to fungi attacks.

In the following vital guide on skin fungi infections, note that most are contagious and should be handled with care when you are giving a massage to clients who may be suffering from one.

Image courtesy of: Dr.Muhammad Iqbal

“PART 2 OF 5: Fungal skin infections are caused by dermatophytes called tinea, which thrive on keratin found in skin. This article features massage modification for fungal skin infections including ringworm, athlete‚Äôs foot, nail fungus, and jock itch. Bonus material included is how to disinfect contaminated linens.

Fungi are a primitive life form, living in the air, water, soil, and some even live in the human body. They thrive in warm, humid areas such shoes, socks, communal locker rooms, and swimming pools to name a few. They can become uncomfortable, with symptoms ranging from itching to cracking, peeling skin.”

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