What You Should Know about the Science Behind Cupping and How it Heals

The following article explains how cupping can help in injuries and specifically focuses on neck and shoulder pain.

But the science behind why cupping works is true for any part of the body that cupping can be performed on.  In part, this is because of the action of lymph, which is released through cupping.

What is lymph?

In the average person, 40 Р45% of our blood is made up of red blood cells (RBCs) (those with anemia will have less). There’s also water, proteins, and lymph.

Lymph contains the white blood cells that fight infection, and it moves through the body via the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is mostly made up of vessels which are connected to small oval structures called nodes; there are 600 to 700 lymph nodes in the human body. Lymph is filtered in these lymph nodes, which separate out debris and toxins.

Organs of the lymphatic system are the spleen, the thymus, our tonsils and our adenoids. The spleen is the largest organ in this system, and it regulates and maintains the health of our blood. When harmful agents enter our body, the spleen creates white blood cells (lymphocytes)  which create the antibodies which fight the dangerous organisms.

Read more to find about how cupping works to create healing in the body.

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The Science Behind Why Cupping can Help

“Neck and shoulder pain is a manifestation of the stretched myofascial tissues in the area. When cupping is performed, it lifts the skin from the myofascial network by creating a vacuum. As blood rushes to fill the empty space, it brings with it fresh nutrients and oxygen. This infusion works to heal the affected area by clearing away the knots and constrictions in the muscles. In addition to blood, the area also receives more lymph. Knots and stiffness can also be caused by a buildup of toxins, dead cells, and other debris. The lymph works to clear the toxins and cleanse it so that healing is further promoted.”

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