Why Donating Your Massage Time to Community Charities or Causes Is a Win-Win

If you haven’t connected your massage business to any community groups or charities, consider looking into how you can.

David Frey of Frugal Marketing explains how, by connecting themselves to charities, businesses are able to both develop a larger network of possible customers and clients, while also helping others. He comments, “Most charities today understand your secondary purpose for participating in charities and are experienced at helping you receive a return on your charitable investments.”

Choosing a charity may be a complex task, but Frey recommends volunteering somewhere where you can show your talents. Sponsoring a charitable event where attendees might be inclined to want massage therapy is a plus. “If you run a senior living community, consider getting involved with charities for retired veterans. If you manage a sporting goods store, consider sponsoring a little league baseball team,” Frey recommends.

Remember to take photos to document how you sponsored or donated your time to. According to Frey, you’ll be able to use this for promotion in a variety of ways, including sending out press releases and photos of your attendance at the event. You can also promote your attendance in your emails, newsletters, web or Facebook posting. (Remember to get releases if necessary. Find out more about that here.)

You might also choose to help promote your chosen charity by offering their pamphlets and brochures at your business.

If your relationship with your chosen charity continues, you might find ways to promote your business to the charity’s employees. Frey recommends offering special discounts and targeted promotions to people that are associated with the charity or creating a “preferred customer” program. Other ideas include arranging with the charity to offer special promotions where a portion of the proceeds from all massages done on Wednesdays, for instance, will go to your charity. Or, create packages for special occasions (like Mother’s or Father’s Day) that offer special or even free massages to charity employees.

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“Altruism is something that’s not only healthy for you, it’s healthy for your business, too. Here are just a few of the ways that volunteering your massage skills can strengthen your business:

  1. Gets your name and business name out in the community.
  2. Creates goodwill for you and for the profession as a whole.
  3. Lets you introduce massage and its benefits to a whole new group of people.
  4. Gives you hands-on time with new and unique bodies to strengthen your skill set.

Beyond that, consumers say they will pay more for services, and even switch brands, if they know a company gives to charitable causes. And 93 percent of consumers want to know what companies are doing to make the world a better place.


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