Why You Should Also Be Sending Your Clients and Customers Direct Mail

Think the days of snail mail marketing are over? Not so fast, according to recent research.

According to an article in Small Biz Trends, recent research on direct mail showed the following:

70 percent of Americans feel snail mail is more personal than the internet

42 percent of recipients read or scanned the mail they received

A total of more than 150 million direct mail promotions were mailed in 2015

59 percent of U.S. respondents agreed that they appreciated getting postal mail about new products

56 percent of customers think that print marketing is more trustworthy than any other kind of marketing

According to the Frank Agency, the DMA (Data & Marketing Association) released its 2016 report which showed that direct:

Direct mail continues to outperform other channels

In a 2016  study, one-third of Americans said they read their mail, which is substantially higher than those who said they read their email

A 2016 study by the Pew Research Center showed that 13 percent of Americans don’t go online at all.

How do you reach these people? Through direct mail, flyers, or print ads about your massage business.

Read more in the following blog about what works in direct mail marketing.


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“Because most successful marketing campaigns cross channels between direct mail, email, billboards, social media, and mobile ads, it’s all the more important that your customer gets a consistent image of your brand. Consistency drives home your brand’s message, helps customers remember you, and even helps develop trust.

Be sure to include these seven brand-boosting features in your next direct-mail campaign.”

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