Why Your Client Reviews and Testimonials are Vital — and How to Get Them

Your website won’t be complete without some client testimonials. But for some therapists, asking for testimonials is almost as hard as asking for them to book another section.

If you are sure your clients are happy with your work — and repeat clients are a pretty good bet for satisfied customers — then half your work is done already. 

You know you’re good at what you do, and your current clients do as well — so the next thing to do is let the rest of the world know.

A blog on Boast shares several excellent examples of testimonial request emails to send your clients, including “the professional email” approach, “the casual conversation” approach, and “the incentive email” approach. 

Check on the following blog from the Massage Sloth, Ian Harvey, on the importance of getting reviews, and some ideas for asking your clients to help you create some.

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“Getting reviews for your massage business is important. It gives you instant credibility during those crucial first seconds when a client is deciding, “should I explore this therapist’s page further, or should I go back to looking at cat memes?” It lets curious clients see how other people perceive you. Are they praising your ability to deal with pain? Your expertise? These reviews, along with pictures, videos, and autobiographical information, can form a clear picture of who you are and how you operate before a client even steps into your office. In other words, each new client will be your biggest fan before you even meet.”

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