Why Your Logo Should Concern You

Logos should be updated periodically. If you have had your logo for a few years you should consider updating it. Your logo is the face of your business and often the first impression of your business is its logo. Many small businesses either don’t actually have a logo (no, your company name in text is not a logo), have a really, really cheap logo (as in my nephew who studied art in Jr. College did it) or a “pretty” logo. 

Now, you might actually like your logo but that doesn’t mean that it is well-designed. A well designed logo will help your company look its best, inspire confidence and help you get more business. Well designed logos are typically clean with minimal detail. You should also consider what your logo would look like in black and white as some publications (sure, these days it’s not so likely you’ll use print media, but the chance exists) may not print in color.

Take a look at these logos and note their simplicity and boldness. While they some large companies have paid over $1,000,000 to have their logos designed, it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from their example.

Image courtesy of: jproeber

Image courtesy of: mafik66

Image courtesy of: Criamos

Image courtesy of: YěKūn

Image courtesy of: trussell_gcc

Image courtesy of: Phil Matthews

The key concept to take from these examples is that your logo does not need to be overly complex to do its job. You should look for logos that you like for inspiration for your next logo design.

Here more about why you need a professionally designed logo:

Why Your Company Needs a Professional Looking Logo

written by Rob Kirby

Let’s face it: we make judgments about people based on first impressions all the time.

You’d probably pass up an interview with a job candidate, for example, if the resume were written on a stained, wrinkled bar napkin. In fact, chances are, no matter how qualified or sincere the applicant may be, you’ll probably choose to interview applicants with professional looking resumes instead. The jobseeker may also wonder why he has trouble finding a job when he interviews well, has plenty of experience and more than his share of skills.

The same principles apply to the first impression your business gives to potential customers, suppliers and business partners. They will make quick judgments about whether or not to do business with you based partly on how professional you appear to them initially. Just as a business owner would pass on the bar napkin applicant, so will customers move on and do business with someone else if they don’t trust you initially, no matter how qualified you actually are.

But having a good logo is about more than just making a good first impression. It can have a lasting impact on your company. Here are some more reasons why having a good logo is essential:

1) Build Initial Trust
Before a customer walks in your store or logs on to your website, they have developed a first impression of your company, partly by your logo. If your logo is professional, you’re more likely to help customers feel like your business is a professional one too.

2) Attract New Customers.
An effective, memorable logo can inspire customers to do business with you or remember you when the time is right. Make sure your business puts its best face forward by looking great on the outside.

3) Stand Out From Competitors.
Flip through the phone book and you’ll see a myriad of forgettable companies. Differentiating yourself from competitors with a logo is critical to winning over potential customers. After scoping out your competition, make sure you choose a logo design that will help you stand out.

4) Keep Loyal Customers.
Don’t let competitors tempt away your best customers. If your brand and your logo are solid, your customers will be less likely to try the new guy around the corner who have a spiffy image.

5) Build Trust With Professionalism.
A professional logo will tell customers you’re good at what you do. But a sloppy, boring or poorly executed logo conveys lack of ability and know-how, which destroys trust and makes people feel less confident in your products or services.  


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